VIOLATION : Rape And Consent

Rape is a taboo subject to talk about in countries like India. The society hush the ones who discuss the injustices done to the women , dismissing it as something that happens to defiant women only. And yet thousands of prepubescent girls , adolescents and young mothers are being victimized by sadist criminals. Recently , a 28-days old infant was raped! It is beyond conscience , transgressive of the rational bounds and violation of human rights. Gang rape is rampant where the college girls are raped and disfigured by acid by several men! What is left for females in India other than insecurity and crippling fear to venture out of home for work or study? India is turning into devilish patriarchal society that has no conscience or care for the women. As if the women are there , awaiting for another rapist to destroy their lives together with their dignity!

India is the land where the female deities are worshipped with severe austerity. It is ironic that women in India are being treated like trash! I can’t see the provocative clothing or behavior led to those rapes because the helpless innocent infant couldn’t have provoked any man unless he is a sickened sadistic paedophile! How disgusting! And there is no end to those crimes ; RAPE HAS BECOME THE CULTURE ! Rape is the product of misogyny , the tool to repress women , to intimidate and to control women. It has become the mechanism to belittle women’s dignity and reduce women to animalistic existence. Rape has turned lives of women as living hell , anticipating threat and phobic of masculinity. Young girls are being groped by strangers when they commute to school. Women are being targeted for profane remarks by bosses and subordinates alike. And this considered as NORMAL because the females are expected to tolerate it! If you are born as a female , your genital become the target for intimidation. Men view it as the property to own , to override the self determination of women ; the vagina is there to be enjoyed and women don’t own their bodies!

Men doesn’t seem to understand the concept of consent. They have no respect for a woman’s humanity. She is seen as an object , a toy to experiment. If she says no , men take it as yes to further degrade and violate her. In a mind of a man , women exist there on display , to penetrated viciously and violently until she succumb into helplessness and anguish. It pleases the men to rape as they are able to express the dominion and vengeance. They relish at women’s suffering because they justify the rape as the means to punish women who are loud and boisterous. And they ask how can a woman talk loud and act like man when she is just an imbecilic female , far inferior to men ? So the rapists are to reminds the women how fragile they are. The seed of the rape culture lies in the way men perceive the women. They think women is there to be used , abused and discarded when they no longer pleasing. It is deep corruption of will and desire of the men. It is said that women should hide and veil their femininity because men can never be blamed if he happens to pass by a “seductive” female and therefore “tempted” to rape her! It is always the women’s fault!

Does owning a penis gives a man an autonomy , the absolute license to rape ? Is being a male makes him a demigod to dictate the fate of a woman? Or is it in the genetics of men to naturally suppress women to comply to demands and wishes? When will the men assume the responsibility for their acts of violation ? Tbe rape culture could not be stopped by hanging the perpetrators. Castration is the only solution if we are discerning enough!


Philosophy and Reality 

Philosophy is the point of collision between life and death , reality and falsehood , existence and awareness. What comprised of human consciousness is the gift from higher level of existence. We exist in a constricted perceptible world , while the imperceptible plane or dimension exists beyond human cognitive. However , we are restricted to ponder the perceptible due to restricted nature of visible world. Philosophy deals with various areas of life ; philosophical denigration richly rewards the generations of the future society if the world is found upon intellectual striving. The area of study can be divided into two : the perceptible , that deals with physical phenomenon such as quantum mechanics and the imperceptible , abstractions of human reality such as God , morality , the presence of evil , the mind and consciousness.

Philosophy is the mother lode to mathematics and natural sciences. It deals with the logic deductions , deals with reality and consciousness. The core theme of philosophy is the existence ; the awareness that inhabits each of us begs the question of its origin. The mind makes up the reality. We are the participants in the grand awareness , creating the reality with the thought processes. Cognizant of the ephemeral reality
would defy the gravity and veracity of the static sense
Grandiose doctrinal science rewrites the laws of creation. It is imbued with stratified methodology of study of nature and human behavior. Through intricate process of thinking , deductions are made from the observable phenomena , validation forms the branch of study known as physics , a subdivision of metaphysics.

Garnering enough strength to defeat the obnoxious religious dogmas and superstitions through rational thought processes has been the hallmark of the philosophers for ages. The Theological authorities has been the agent of suppression. The religious clerics branded the philosophical and scientific progress as heresy and persecuted the revolutionary thinkers violently. What can be termed into the age of reason is the foundation of intellectual renaissance. Intellectual community is the building block for the academic world . Rendering the world as coercive force on individuals is the core theme of philosophy. The prospect of holding the thinking process as the manifestations of the reality has deep implications on the possibilities to bring the next stage of reason and logical thinking. Rationality is the precursor to philosophy and has ingenious connotation on the bearing of the reality.

Awareness is the sign of individuality , the reflections on the humanity’s spiritual spark. Thoughts form the integral part in the societal system. They become the part of the reality by relative experiences , it is perceived through comparative configuration. It is the projection of the mind. Everything is measured in terms of finite probabilities. Given a situation where totally isolated circumstances , the surrounding has been extracted and absorbed into our reality from the inverted sense. There is a coalescing arbitration between cognitive function and the reality. Our thought waves are part of the reality , the subliminal force that molds and shapes the future generations. This is a vital notion that should not be ignored. If we fail to take into account the building blocks of our individuality and creativity , the future world would painfully lack the prime force of creation , thus destroy the foundation of the society faster than we would have emancipated.

Power Politics And Rationality

Power is defined as the potential ability to influence behavior, to change the course of events, to overcome resistance and to get people to do things that they would not otherwise do. Politics and influence are the processes, the actions , the behaviors through which this potential power is utilized and realized. All of these power display in the arena of politics involves punishing , rewarding , choosing the information to be disseminate among the public and issuing directives to the executive branch of government. Rationality is the cognitive function , the ability to understand the world on the basis of logic and reason. From the framework of political science , rationality is the interpolated choices between different political actors , both the state and non-state actors. It deals with the behaviour of political leaders in the international arena.

Sociology plays a significant role in studying the behaviour of subgroup of chosen strata in the society. It is the branch of behavioral science which deals with fringe of the civilization ; rationality of human behavior governed by predictable actions in a set of given options. Human behavior is governed by relativism ; they are unable understand a concept on isolation. They need to be presented with a number of options ; they need to compare between the choices available to them before deciding whom to vote , what to believe and to act on. They are oblivious to the fallible nature of the choosing from the narrow set of options ; with making another faulty political system or erroneous leader as the point of reference. Driven by incomplete picture of the reality , citizens of a country would be compelled to attach themselves to those leaders whom has excellent oratory skills , those whom exert the coercive power by appealing to the emotions of the public.

Power politics is the game of friction between different political superpowers. It is fueled by international pressure to maintain the equilibria and the motive to eliminate the negative elements that threatens the national security and stability. However , if we notice the political trend today , it is ruled undecided tenacity. The logic and reason is overridden when the U.S. civilians are fed by irrational fear for enemy combatants without substantial evidences to support the claims. One of the biggest fallacy of observable from post 9/11 world is the “war on terror” , the best propagandist hoax that kept the world focused on imagined enemies and artificial worldview among the U.S. civilians. The superfluous beliefs were ingrained in minds of unthinking society. It was the most unfounded but successful agenda to reinforce the political standing amidst the instability at Middle East. It is illogical that a superpower like the U.S. , with ineffable military should be threatened by attacks from non-state actors with crude weaponry , unorganized manner of attacks and virtually a remote militiamen executing terrorism from distant lands.

There was little to repudiate when millions were forced to flee their homelands and or countries like Iraq and Afghanistan turned into mass graveyard. The power of rationality that governs human behavior is forgone by immutable political leaders by launching military invasions and giving the false flag terror to fight on , mimicking the satirical puppeteers. The U.S. , Saudi Arabia and Israel formed the unholy trinity to delve on the possibilities of the lies to be installed on the system , they have become ever more powerful by orchestrating false threats by imagined enemies. Together they feign the battle impossible to win in order to ensure the profit gained continuously. De-Militarization is the far-fetched aspiration ; the war lords in Afghanistan are getting more wealth and power as the result of the 16-year U.S. occupation. The arms dealer banks in lucrative money and the tribal lords who are profiting immensely from narco-trade , act as mercenaries for the terrorism that Saudi Arabia so generously funding.

The desire for vindication among the political leaders is the sign of neurodegenerative disease. Convictions formed by the public fuel the derogatory political system. One of the basis for the U.S. military conquest in the past was the nuclear proliferation by the Middle East. Countries like Libya and Iraq was reduced to rubble because of the dictatorial leaders were “suspected” of developing WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). The leaders use foreign conflict to increase their domestic legitimacy. This is the first level of erosion of what used to be the democratic rule. The public had elected a fallible leader who has no vision for the future of the nation. They rule on the unpredictable whims of irrationality. Unfortunately , the U.S. civilians are unaware of the destructive waves engulfing the nation. The repression was expected , the human rights advocates was enraged and liberalism took the momentum of the revolution , clashing head on with the foreign policy by which U.S. justify its war crimes.

The tentative argumentation leads to the dead end , failed to end the insurgency and militants keep gaining momentum at Syria and Iraq. The speculative cycle brings down the stability of the Middle East and the world at large. False flag terrorism is the invention which serves it purpose well until one day drastic blow would change the worldview held naively within the stringent confines , obliterating the possibility of the alternative disclosure of the fallacy .The lie goes to the subliminal edge. When we breach the boundary of rationality , the world could not keep sustaining itself. The democracy is the foundation of the society , no matter the condition of the social strata. The justice and law is the irreplaceable assets of a government. A world without the repression and military conquest is an unattainable utopian notion considering the power play between the superpowers , with rationality taking the back seat in international relations.

Mind And Beyond : Brain Emulation

The brain is the central unit that process the sensory stimuli and stores infinite amount of data. It consists of alpha , beta and delta waves that consequently runs the virtual awareness at subsequent levels. As the brainwaves slows down during sleep, the subconscious imprints are brought into the consciousness , thus generating dream inevitably. Dreaming is the multilateral facets of the mind , brought into existence by the time factor. It is the boundless world of energy flow , the raw unprocessed data which can be turned into the potential stimuli. However infinite are the possibility of the awareness , there is a potential that the information feed could be stopped by the variance in the electric signals in the brain. The dream is the labyrinth designed by our mind , consisting of infinitesimal rationality. Dream has eluded humanity for eons and inspired ancient scientists to build machines to study the brain.

The psychologists strived to understand the mind and gave birth to the notion that the mind is the extension of brain functionality. Today , the neurologists and computer engineers have collaborated to create one of the most prominent invention , named the virtual reality. The crux of the mind is dream , and the hidden face of the metaphysical human nature is imagination. What lies beyond the brain is intricate mechanism of the mind. The mind is the disembodied personhood. It is the blueprint of our subconscious mind and reflections of the imprints in the mind. The dream is created by emulating the elements of the mind by connecting links to subconscious , the least explored asset in building up the complete picture of mind’s blueprint. The virtual reality has the potential to become an awareness on its own at significant point of contact. The various synaptic nodes along neural networks transmits nearly millions of bio-electric signals would be breaking the rules of linear synaptic communication.

The electric signal could interact with external circuitry. This is the foundation for the neurological technology merged with mathematics , where the probabilities of the possible outputs can be predicted. This has shown that everything is the projection of the mind , the precursor to the invention of virtual reality. The consciousness generates infinite amount of data flow which forms the simulation conglomerate. This forms the interactive map or trajectories interwoven into the grand program. The quotient of the data flowing through the system can be adjusted to rewrite the program. The prospect of energy synchronization entails the enormous capacity of the quantum entanglement. It is through the data encryption , the program could be read by the cryptographic engineers. Improbable possibilities runs the simulation effectively.

What is comprised of the consciousness is infinite source of codes. The superposition of the energy units (quantum bits) creates simultaneous heuristic database , replaces the significance of the sensory feed and therefore the virtual awareness takes “control” of itself. The human mind is the primer of the awareness , the subset of the vast circuit of universal intelligence. This is similar to the way human brain works. The cognitive function of the brain traces and extracts the significant amount of information from the neural networks to simulate the possible outcomes for a given situation. However , this statement does not apply under duress , when the reason and logic would be suspended temporarily while the reflex system takes over. This functionality could not be imitated by the current Neurotechnology. This implies a barrier as well as the unexplored facets of neuroscience. And this is the potential area of research that could yield the unexpected functionality of the brain and the mind.

The virtual reality is the simulation of the database and operated under the command of the computer . The accelerated rate of the information fed into the system depends on the coefficient of the operating systems. If synaptic transmissions vexed , the primary version of the perception eroded , thus enabling the residual system to establish deciphering function in the computer. The initiation of the encoding process takes place in the networking locus points. This makes the sensory perceptible to the data flowing through the neural networks. The awareness is the aggregates of neural networks interwoven throughout the operating systems. The research in the field of the mind and brain emulation has given us astonishingly surreal discovery , blurred the distinction between the reality and imagination. The Neuroscientists succeeded in mapping the intricate trajectory of human brain and simulated the inputs drawn from the neural networks , thus enabled the crude representation of the mind. This is a biophysical phenomenon coalescing with computer science.

The brain emulation technology promises a bright prospect in restoring the memories of Alzheimer patients and of those who had brain injury. Perhaps an artificial consciousness could be the best alternative when the memory loss debilitated one’s life. This could be of indispensable tool in the field of criminology , where the potential criminals could be aborted of their intents if their brains are emulated and the database is analyzed. The brain emulation technology offers the prospect of immortality in near future if it is brought to advanced development. The mind of the deceased can be stored in a computer system and simulated. And there are endless possibilities of how this technology could serve humanity.

Reference :

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The denial has placed me deep in the rut and it seems impossible to evade the decay. Conceited by the byproduct of my reasoning , I have descended into this perpetual limbo . I cringed at the slightest evanescent dread. Traumatic imagery has turned off my resilience against the seed of suspicions. Wading through this dreary passage has strained every fiber in my body. And I wonder whether I will live through another rendition. I lost the power to sustain an illusion of smug contentment. This putrid surroundings had callously alienated me.I don’t belong here. All of this means nothing to offer solace or comfort. For those whom have chosen to dwell upon the shallow hope has nothing other than the sniggering voice against the escalating threat . I don’t want to descend with them into tunnel of nonexistence , condemned to rot in infernal dwellings. I have been losing myself because of the stubborn convictions. Why am I defending this paranoid trespasses with lame justifications ? What is this nugatory hoaxes that turned my world upside down? How did I lost the grip on the reality and forced to survive schizophrenic aberrations? The uprising voice in me is silenced . Anger is suffused.

The clairvoyant mental aberrationsmade me revel in confusion. I have often wondered what is the grand scheme of things hidden in the foundation of the world. God seemed to have withdrawn His presence from the world , His is ever more elusive , declined to interfere with the affairs of human beings. He is rather removed from the picture where human race dominates the earth and alters the world beyond recognition. I have insecurities as well as courage to wade the unknown. I had always moved by something rare….I’m propelled by the belief that the world is more than what it appears from the surface. There is something bigger than this degenerative stagnation. The disembodied voices in the mind convicted my frailties. They have dissected my mind to see the backlash against the divine. They are inclined towards the faintest sign of rebellion. They wage war against spirituality , hell-bent to devour the divine spark from my soul before pushing me tumbling downwards towards the abyss , from where there is no respite or redemption. While the truth lies buried under the vicious cycle of sublime war , the shadows acts in a fraction of second to blur the distinction between the truth and lies.

It is beyond my power to make the world make sense. The reality is grayed , made to appear as a mirage so that I would succumb into desperation to end the pain. Inciting the fear , the enemies succeeded to establish their own fallible version of the perception. I have seen the Adversary as the primal energy operating in the smooth , nefarious way. He is hidden in the illusion of sins and yet he is manifested in diseases, war and poverty. His psychic power is unprecedented destructive seed which sways us from the Truth. Should I wait for the saviour who will never materialize , never to come near me and take my hands , guide me to the liberation? Should I wallow in this dark pit forever? This is the self destructive speculation , utter waste of time. I am fighting a lost battle with imaginary enemies , only real in my mind. Is it worth risking my sanity to pour every single remaining bits of the residual strength into this vain warfare? How to justify the wasted time , literally a decade to abdicate the depression , remembering how I fought violently to defend my vanishing existence? The stupendous promises and dogmas that has no actual bearing on the reality would not create the freedom I had envisioned long ago.

Layers of facade blocked my vision and made my heart stiff , unable to grasp the gratuitous beauty or truth. Lacked the tranquil mind made me waver at the encounter with the demanding modern life. Made me vulnerable and fragile. It is my frailty to place confidence in flailing doctrines which serves as the pacifier for the perishing mass to placate them further into discordant situation. Having believed in the hoax disguised as the saving faith , my mind runs on a rut that is impossible to escape without being intercepted into the subtle control mechanism. Rendering the fate as the narrow road into oblivious destination , I could no longer bear the consensus price I need to pay to keep my mind silent at the volatile blind faith. How much longer I can suppress the force that is building up within me to revoke the falsehood absorbed so conveniently? How to locate and destroy the source of this degenerative seed? The denial goes deeper into subliminal level , created the bondage in which I’m trapped.

Unravelled psychic energy would have built the aura of positive energy field in me to fend off the spiritual attack. But those perennial wisdom were rejected and discarded as pagan and heretic debauchery. Therefore every avenue of self awakening is shut , made me to grow weaker and dejected inside of an elusive projection. The divinity ascribed to the beings who had ludicrously vanished the established order and installed a false sense of religiosity, spreading subtle perversion. This is the snare awaiting every single soul that believes in this obliterated sects. My mind was sinking lower into tentative argumentation , infiltrating the essential components that makes up the rationality. Therefore it is an aberration to the healthy functioning of the mental faculty , deprived of the crucial interpretation of the reality. The theology has ingrained deep mental inertia , circumvented the intellectual progress and free expression. The stark stagnation had brought down the ingenuity that would liberate individuals like me.

Those doctrines planted deep into the average minds vested the supernatural fear as the most powerful control mechanism. They obeyed stoicism without question , surrendered their will power and logical thinking. Religion serves as pacifier whenever humanity faces the unknown. The prospect of certain death has been the splinter behind the human brain ; death is mysterious , powerful and subtle. It has the potential to break up lives with egregious speed with time as its faithful ally. Many fail to grasp the death with respect and awe it deserves , they bury the very presence of it with the promises of eternal bliss , until it is too late to act on it. They forget to be truly alive and cherish each moment as extension credited to them until the flame of life extinguished forever. How vain is human life circumcised by religion and traditions which were created by suspicion and fear in the first place? And how placating are the superstitions disguised as religious beliefs ? I don’t believe in those superstitions aimed to destroy my life and indeed , I am proudly a heretic!

The Labyrinth



  The mind is the dynamic mechanism and yet the least understood by the psychosomatic analysts. The problem lies in the way that the mind is being studied ; it is reduced to finite probabilities of logic outcomes. But the mind is beyond the electrical signals along the neurons or the networks which makes it up , it is more than the “platform” on which it runs. We lack the depth of the wisdom imparted by the perennial spiritual dimension. The ancient shamanic tribes had “experimented” with the mind for millennia. They have been “sleepwalking” into the mind and collected the vivid discoveries as the wisdom for their descendants. They have transcended beyond the conscious mind and explored the alternate reality. But how far we can dive into the mind and map the trajectories in it? Can we extract or implant ideas into the human mind?

   The award winning director and co-producer of the movie “Inception” (2010) says that dream is the subset of our reality. This is the foundation for the first time level of our reality. As we “move” deeper into the mind , the time runs slower and eventually stops. That’s when we get at the core of our being , the subconscious. The idea presented here is that the mind is the labyrinth designed by our freewill to establish the reality as we see it. That means the mind is the reflection of the intricate labyrinth , the dream as the manifestations of our mind’s blueprint. The mind at the hypnotic trance or in dream state doesn’t have the discerning power between truth and the false notions. This means we can design , choreograph and manipulate our mind. Most of the “manipulation” happens via television programming and the societal molds which has sunk down the subconscious. However , the extraction and implantation of ideas into the mind implies the new form of technology.

   As we delve deeper into the mind , the invisible barriers between the waking state and dreamworld dissolves. As the time stands still in between the continuation of imagery and audio projections , the resistance drops. The world becomes fluid and plastic , can be easily mutated. In the dreams , we merge to be the elements of the dream. We become the cohesive force which binds our mind into a virtual reality. The virtual reality is the projection of our mind created by the blueprints of the subconscious. Therefore the subconscious is our past , present and future. Any drastic changes in the dreams are caused by the “implants” in the subconscious. The mind with all its telepathic faculty holds the key to unlock the universe. It contains the answers to the mysteries we are longing to solve. 

Based on the “Inception” (2010)  by Christopher Nolan


Collapsed Dream

  The world has been swept through the Mayan predictions of apocalypse and Nostradamus’ end time prophecies with cyclonic veracity.The world population has ever anticipated the collapse of the world as we know it. The individuals who are looking for the “signs” are pulled by religious groups to salvage their souls. However , there is no other conspiracy theory more frightening than the one depicted by Wachowski brothers via the pseudo science fiction movie The Matrix (1999) in this post millennial era. The movie was / is the unprecedented “wisdom” presented via technical feat of the movie makers. The theories presented in the movie is about a different dimension , it changed drastically the way we perceive our world. It is analogous to diving deep into our mind and mapping the intricate web of networks together the source of our very existence.


   As the movie proposes , the humanity has pledged allegiance to the Artificial Intelligence since the inception of time. Our reality is a dreamworld created by our bio-electrical power. Simply put , the humanity is the fuel for the Artificial Intelligence’s survival. This means the reality that we perceive is merely composed of electrical stimuli in our brains and we had never known what the reality is! The humanity is “fermenting” in a vet created by Artificial Intelligence to drain our life force. The robots / machines has “evolved” into super intelligent “creatures” and we are enslaved in a false computer simulated reality created by the Artificial Intelligence. This means we are in deep “slumber” with the time standing still while our collective reality simulated through the dreamworld. The ideas portrayed in the Matrix are extreme ; we can either question our very existence or dismiss it as Hollywood’s ingenuity. 

   The core theme is that the humanity has been hijacked by malevolent beings and turned into semi-conscious units. The movie portrays the malevolent beings as the Artificial Intelligence. We are barely grasping the ideas put forward in the movie ; surely Artificial Intelligence or machines wouldn’t enslave us , would they? Are they capable of forming self-serving agendas? This movie inspired a notable book written by Jake Horsley few years later.  As written by the British author Jake Horsly in Matrix Warrior Being The One , the reality is merely a mirage. This is synonymous to the Hindu scriptures which says that the world is Maya , indicating the world and everything in it are part of the illusion. He went on to elaborate with references to the Shamanic religious beliefs and Gnostic theology. The book is the fusion of ancient pagan wisdom and the New Age ideals. Jake Horsley had taken the movie literally , and therefore possessed with artificial nature of the universe.

   As we scrutinize the humanity , we have come to close resemblance of the cyborgs , the advanced hybrids of robots. We are endlessly bragging on our achievements while paying little attention to mechanical nature of our society. We work , sleep , consume and digest vast amount of information which are useless. We are being trained to act and move like pre-programmed Android devices , always predictable via probabilistic mathematical calculations. We are tagged by microchips and traced by surveillance satellites. The world has become more transparent as we are identified by electronic wave transmissions. Is it impossible that we are not going to be assigned by individual virtual identity so that the grand Intelligence system could tract each of our movements? 

   What is humanity after all? We are priding ourselves as the creators of Artificial Intelligence. But which intelligence has truly informed us what is real and what is false? How we are to know the difference between the benevolent technology and the one that will ultimately destroy us? Wouldn’t the human race turn against each other by making Artificial Intelligence as their ally? The Cyber warfare is being conducted by the various derogatory parties. Soon we would be invaded by flux of alien energy beyond our control. The world would be bombarded by amplified shock waves which will fluctuate across the earth’ s magnetic field. This would prove to be the cataclysmic event to wipe out the humanity. 

Based on 


Matrix Warrior Being The One by Jake Horsley