The human life is marked by uncertainties, unpredictability and mortality. However, the virtual world suppresses the inevitable reality and replace it with shallow facade. We are prevented from embracing the ruthless elements of nature which would invoke our inner strength and develop the psyche. We thus become incapacitated to tap into the vast amount of energy inherent in us. Our mind become accustomed to the rule-ruts. When that happens, it’s more difficult to exercise our creative muscles. Cynicism would settle in and the thinking pattern becomes restive.

Sometimes the easy option comes with heavy price. It’s the price that one would pay to give up dreams to take whatever that the survival game would offer. To be safe and sound within the cocoon of artificial comfort without confronting the storm. To hibernate under false pretenses and throw away pride and dignity. Be predictable and avoid aberrant thinking. Don’t ever wander into the unmapped territory. Keep calm and stay alive.

To be truly alive one has to follow the inner voice without any reservations. It takes real courage to defend the small voice amidst the noise that emanates from average minds. It’s the battle to stay sane when surrounded by jackals of the social order. We should fend off the adversarial relationships in order to retain the purity of the soul. Innocence is the divine spark which drives us into the imaginative realm were dreamers seek refuge. And dreamers are the daring souls who had ventured into the unmapped territory and saw the virtual world beyond.

Unrestrained access into the imaginative world has enriched our world in unprecedented ways.The seed of greatness lies within ourselves. Human beings are born with intellectual ability to grasp the nature of existence. Self-introspection is not to be postponed until all of the life force is spent. The contraptions of the modern world serve as distraction from the mortal nature of human life. Therefore solitude has become so essential for enlightenment. Detachment will renew us from within. We should learn to swim against the current.


16 thoughts on “Dreamers

  1. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    Some posts or article come across and they have to be reblogged, their message too priceless to let die without some effort as spreading it. We spend too much time writing about and commenting on the tick-tock world and so little on what really matters, I think. Here Neelam gives us a shove off the comfortable and makes us question why we settle for so much less than what we are capable of. Enjoy “Dreamers” and if you like it, let her know, please.

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  2. Questo articolo mi fa pensare ma dal mio punto di vista credo che questa falsità parallela del mondo virtuale possa essere contrastata soltanto attraverso la cultura Che inevitabilmente porta alla considerazione del nostro io interiore è dei nostri bisogni e aspettative reali e concrete.

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    1. The translator of Sherazade’s comment says: “This article makes me think but from my point of view I believe that this parallel falsehood of the virtual world can only be countered through the culture that inevitably leads to the consideration of our inner self is of our real and concrete needs and expectations.”
      In trying to work out that last line, I wonder if it should read, “…the culture that inevitably leads to the consideration of our inner self (VERSUS?) our real and concrete needs and expectations.” If that is what is meant then I concur that we must always and powerfully work out which way we will choose to go, whether to satisfy our bodily needs, or cravings, or choose the more difficult path of enlightenment and greater awareness. Personally I have been choosing the latter for some decades now and the things it has taught me about life would have been hidden and impossible to learn from a strictly physical perspective.

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  3. “Therefore solitude has become so essential for enlightenment. Detachment will renew us from within.”
    What’s the saying: (sic) All evil comes from a man not being able to sit alone in a room by himself?
    Very well said and uplifting. Thank you!

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