Your venomous eyes are penetrating my bones , sending a shudder through the spine…

I can feel your hot breath torching my skin 
The poison of your stare is seeping through veins , choking me to death……! 

The shadows are sneering at my vulnerability … seeking to devour my frail feminine body
They want to consume my humanity and degrade me into a mere object to leash their insatiable lust 

Their cold brutality is soaking my whole being 
Slowly and painfully I’m disintegrating into darkness….
My whole existence is being reduced to twitches of rueful helplessness

They are ravenous wolves 

They transgress the bounds of sanity 

The predators of the unsuspecting

The scavengers of human flesh!

They violate , plunder and leave nothing but scar 

This is the enmity

The raging battle to uphold our dignity in a world that knows no



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