Sworn Enemy

Entangled in the cobwebs in my mind , I saw myself dissolving slowly into oblivion. I am fading into nothingness…shadows are eating up my inner self…empty…hollow. Nothing is left. Fading memories. Tainted hope. The world seemed lackluster , devoid of animate liveliness. Never did I realize how vain is to contemplate fear for the defeated enemy…how much more foolish it is to fall prey to his deception! 

Why didn’t I exercise my discerning power? Why didn’t I pulled myself intact when the speculation devoured my time like fire? Why I lent an ear to the aberrant voices and buried the living truth in me? Is my fortress ruined? Is my defense dead? Where is my armour ? Where is my sword??

I don’t want to tread this beaten track anymore! Is my existence vain? I’m tired of living a hollow life , devoid of tinge of spirituality. My soul is hungry…My heart is aching to be touched by Light. I hate the oblivion. I loathe the emptiness. Longing to be filled by certainty. Awaiting the heaven to open up and shower the mercy on me…I am walking towards the immortality. I want to revive the spirit in me…


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