Your Private Space

In today’s world, it hard to evade the pervasive dissemination of information which has been filtered, modified and laced with certain trigger words. This conglomerate of information is aimed at unsuspecting users of online services to make sure they have been convinced that they are benefiting from certain privileges unavailable for others. However, only tiny […]

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Synthetic Life

The so called digital platform influencers are forcing us to look at the world through their perspectives and it’s like they’re imposing their own ideals on us. Whenever the beauty of life is filtered through their filthy lenses, life ceases to be life. We are turned into mere commodities existing as Guinea pigs for their […]

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Light On Yoga

The art of Yoga helps you to understand what’s life. Practicing Hatha Yoga will drastically improve your overall physical and mental health. These asanas are aimed to rejuvenate your body by increasing flexibility and agility, improving blood circulation and reducing free radicals in your system. Therefore, don’t pay attention to the sceptics but take a […]

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Love And Solitude

Solitude is better than short-lived love. Nothing is permanent in this world. PeopleĀ  and their moods change with time. When someone can’t bring himself together to love you with all of his heart and soul, it’s better to stay away from such meaningless “love” affair. You’re born into this world with limited time in hand. […]

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Modesty And Religion

When all you can see is a blurred vision filtered through heavy fabric and your voice is muffled by this cloak…no one can see the your silent tears. And no one is bothered to know the pain of your bleeding heart. No one will understand your bruised soul. No men will ever care how you […]

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My Favourite Composers

Johannes Brahms and Jean Michel Jarre, both of them are my favourite composers. Now this is all about how they communicated their innermost thoughts/feelings via their music. Whether it’s organic or synthetic/electronic music, music is all about connecting with your audience emotionally so that they can actually “see” and feel what you’re trying to convey […]

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Dark Energy

Sometimes, you’ll be attracted or repulsed by the aura of the people around you. Make no mistake, we are surrounded by invisible energy field(s). The energy compositions of human psyche generates the aura around them. If you’re sensitive enough, you’ll feel the positive aura in the proximity of some people. However, some of us carries […]

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Creative Expression

My mother had always declared that “rules are meant to be broken” when she was a high school student. She had a rebellious soul. Today I’ve realized that in order to be truly a free person, you need to break few rules. I’m not talking about moral precepts but those in the creative field knows […]

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The Game of Survival

The online platform is an infernal tool to propagate the seething flares of ethnic, religious, cultural and political clashes, spewing up the toxic smog that’ll kill your brain cells and choke your mind eventually. A glimpse into the social media will provide the overall degenerate nature of human’s darkest side. It’s not merely the game […]

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The Puritans

(This post is an introspection of what’s fuelling the destructive waves of terrorism, whether it’s state-sponsored or suicide bombings executed by the lone wolves) Religious puritanism is a destructive system run by self-righteous men acting as the vicegerents of God, the self-appointed guardians of “peace”. Their hypnotic spiritualism causes the population to sleepwalk into oblivion. […]

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