Intercosmic Dreamer

“Intercosmic Dreamer” is a track dedicated to the omniscience of the human soul, an awareness untouched by the mortal blemishes of the finite realm. This track provides the rare glimpse into the nurturing of the barren soul by the feminine energy manifested as the infinite realm. As the human beings yearning to rise above the … More Intercosmic Dreamer

Rock ‘N’ Roll Star

Striding across my mind’s fieldwhile sipping Burgundy Wineput my evocation on the runcrumbling as the cigarette asheswriting a soul anthemfor the people to sing my historyBut why you’re arraigning mefor writing a self remarkwhile the Rock ‘N’ Roll itself a self voicing? “Vision Of A Songwriter” is a series of poems written by composer and … More Rock ‘N’ Roll Star

Ambiguity In Rarities

Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash One of the manifolds in the sky predestined to be without a single touch of ringing decay, aphorisms melted the solidified realm, a reflection resurrected by the will of the self living beyond the mind, true vision of what lies outside the bounds of interpretation, all the threatening signals … More Ambiguity In Rarities


Sometimes, I forget to breathe, denied of the privilege of breathing, confined, constricted, circumvented, even when I jump, I know the earth beneath my feet will give away, because I don’t have any space left for me, freedom is granted when it pleases them, when the currency overflowing, but you’re not entitled to enjoy your … More Breathe

Love Cult

They impregnate women with love cult, so that they’ll lose their rationality, cling to false hopes, fleeting moments of joy, reduced to bear the burden of procreation humbly, they take away the ingenuity and ruthlessness from the men, fiery warriors reduced to vapor, ashes of their beings crumbling in the shadows of their forgotten dreams, … More Love Cult

Empty Sex

Jackhammers burrowing through weary holes, souless projections bombard the neurons, objects are used, stricken by superiority complex, to dominate, accursed beds harboring festering sores, abuse and misuse is sanctified by the great clergymen, no possibility of intimacy or affection, imitating mechanical units of procreation, the subjugated are suppressed and lonely on these patriarchal beds, Union … More Empty Sex


To be the dolly, delicately made but placed on the ruthless rung of existence, you are forced to climb up but with fearful reverence, to be the puppet, unthinking, with certainty beyond redemption, eyes blurred, ears filtered, nauseating physicality suppressed but only to be drugged, seduced and molested by scavengers, why? What’s the worth of … More Nausea

Paradoxical Effect

Paradoxical Effect is an experimental electronic instrumental produced by composer and songwriter B.Nargunan.The entire composition was created via various modular and analog synthesizers. The track emphasises on the sound designing to highlight a diabolical conditioning of the world where the inanimate realm overtakes the organic realm. The track is a virtual landscape entailing the tense … More Paradoxical Effect

Intercosmic Dreamer

Intercosmic Dreamer is an ambient minimalist track produced by composer and songwriter, B.Nargunan. The entire composition was created by layering the experimentation of guitar tracks with various kind of effect pedals and synthesizers. Listen to Intercosmic Dreamer on SoundCloud Intercosmic Dreamer

Flames of Passion

Intimate secrets within the darkness are screaming break free from the clutches of patriarchy, paradigm shift is cataclysmic rebirth of the fire birds, the earth in her feminine protective shape couldn’t grasp the glint of ruthlessness, but  freedom is fanned by the flames of passion.