The waning crescent muttered, the stars were reticent, Darkness growled, invisible eyes stalked on this wretched being, Disgruntled paranoid shadows followed her, tempted by her warm flesh. Inconspicuous conspiracy brewed against her will, in hastened pace …


A retreat to primal roots, embedded in the core of her being, Reconnecting, to the raw earth, Bursting into the nonexistent space, Vibrating at the higher end of the spectrum, Recapturing the essence of immortality, She’s a goddess in her own universe.


The unfelt emotion, unfamiliar longing for for deeper connection beyond the unreasonable pain, that weighted in the undefined spaces, like the misty morning sunshine, each ray is unique, each moment is crafted by a soul yearning for intimate days, His presence lingered in my chamber, and imparted light to my eyes.


His heart sensed the hunger of a stray dog, And the pain of an orphan. Because his constant companion is his own shadow. No one understood his silence, No one saw the pain behind his smiles, And no one knows that he is gradually waning, In his own shadow.

Sacred Love

It is too sacred, A sacrosanct love, remote, untouchable, Inaccessible to mere mortals enmeshed in carnal delusion, Purest, refined substance distilled within aggrieved hearts, torn apart by bitter seclusion. It is born in the darkest horizon, When the faith is dry, Beset by impossibilities of the dead end. It’s raw, dark and incomprehensible, This sacred … More Sacred Love

Broken Sky

Lost smiles echoing in faded remembrance, I waded through the sea of memories Paradise squandered, Numbed nerves, sensory overloaded by crushing pain, Silenced faith wallowing in the murky shadows of falsehood swallowing up the peace, Grayed vision of faint heartbeats beneath the rubble, struggling to catch a handful  of breath, Tomorrow lies beyond as a mere … More Broken Sky


Eyes painted vivid streaks that filled up the amorphous nothingness, teeming in the mildew… Different shades of grey rendered by emptiness vaporized into the sky, Touched by the wings of the mighty glow afloat in the clouds, Bearing your name, the name engraved in my heart.

A Man

Familiar chords mired in sweet rememberance, The right key struck inexhaustible passion In A man Who is An idealism, a sacrosanct figure orbited by lovelorn maidens, Reason, wakefulness averted the aberration … Adamant eyes searched for his shadow, on this empty wall facing my piano, as I yearned for the untold warmth, The unmistakable hues … More A Man

Parasitic Minds

In order to operate in the society, some individuals disguise their ulterior motives and adopt disguises, masks that conceal their true faces. These individuals may seem to have multiple personalities designed to fit into different situations with different people. And these multiple personalities are fused into one person. They project benevolence and amiable selves towards … More Parasitic Minds


The time spread out the eternal moments, as the night embraced intimate secrets within darkness, As the moist dispersed, the sweet scent of euphoric wavelets, dessicated air pierced the soul with glad tidings of the Dawn Eyes caught the glimpse of the first rays, and it’s time to drown within the fatigued brainwaves.